Middletown, RI, USA | Jan 2009 – Present

Collective Thought Media | Owner & Creative Director

Collective Thought Media combines a variety of creative services across all forms of media, including print, web development, illustration, video production & post-production, digital photography, audio mixing & recording and logo / branding. As the owner and main creative force behind Collective Thought Media, my responsibilities include all sales, marketing, project management, design, editing and quality assurance for our projects. Additionally, I interface with a team of creative pros who provide additional services and execute critical tasks associated with our projects.

Newport, RI, USA | Jan 2004 – Present

NewportRIphotos.com | Owner, Digital Imaging & Photographic Services

I photograph natural light environments, creating true to life representations of Newport, Rhode Island and the surrounding communities. Much of my photography is created using long exposures along the coastline of Newport, Rhode Island.

Middletown, RI, USA | Jan 2012 – Present

CTMtech.net | Owner

CTMtech.net is the technology, computer and support services team from Collective Thought Media, a full service web development and branding firm. CTMtech provides computer consulting, web hosting, network configuration and computer repair services in the southern New England area. CTMtech also provides new, custom built PCs for home, office and workstation use.

Providence, RI, USA | Mar 2010 – Oct 2011

TriMed Media Group | Assistant Art Director

Assistant art director for one of the countries leading medical and healthcare publishers. Responsible for print magazine design, front end website design and coding, audio and video editing, print promotions, eNewsletter design and more.

Portsmouth, RI, USA | Dec 2007 – Jan 2009

Affusion Group | Creative Director

My responsibilities with Affusion Group included all conceptual and aesthetic direction for dozens of projects. These included brand and identity design, extensive website and interactive development, and in-depth multipage, printed projects and layouts. My responsibilities also included the day to day management of a staff of three, coordinating between company principles and outside vendors, quality control in reviewing and preflighting of outgoing and incoming print jobs, and ensuring high design and production standards in all of our products and our internal marketing collateral.

Working with in-house illustrators at my direction, Affusion Group completed the design or redesign of multiple business identities. This process was refined to a working model where our illustrator created a graphic mark after group brainstorming. I would then complete the ID system by finalizing the logotype used in conjunction with the mark, color palette, additional font usage, four color // spot color // b&w reproduction variables, as well as a logo usage guideline manual. Often, I would additionally oversee and direct the application of the core identity artwork through web, print and advertising mediums.

I was also responsible for all front end user interface design for websites, intranets, flash applications and any multimedia projects. I worked closely with and directed front end CSS/XHTML coders, PHP and Javascript backend/database coders, as well as Flash/Actionscript developers. This experience allowed me to understand the practicality of multimedia design, and how to work within the confines of practical coding limitations, while pushing the boundaries of achievable results.

My responsibilities also included being the lead print designer, as well as preflighting and digital prepress technician. Our print projects ranged from business cards, to twenty-eight page booklets, to thirty foot long billboards. I was responsible for all creative direction, revisions, layout design, image adjustment, creation of preflighted and press ready PDF files, reviewing of printer proofs, and final review and approval of printed products.

I was also responsible for review of available print sources, and assuring that we received the best, and most economical printed products, as well as short run items that we printed in-house.

I was also responsible for all needed photographic work, using a Nikon D200 with a variety of lenses and lighting (two monolights, wireless slave setup with soft box and umbrellas) and other various equipment. My areas of photography focused on product, portrait, outdoor lifestyle, and technical subjects.

Lastly, I was heavily involved with the principals of the company in developing internal marketing collateral, fostering an environment of creativity with our staff, guiding and working with interns, and ensuring the day to day operations of the company were handled properly and smoothly.

Newport, RI, USA | Dec 2004 – Oct 2007

Edward Sherman Publishing Co. | Senior Designer & Prepress Production

My responsibilities with The Edward Sherman Publishing Company included the editorial layout and design of glossy life style magazines Newport Life, The Best Read Guide and the Newport Wedding Guide. Additionally I was responsible for the creation and revision to thousands of magazine and newsprint advertisements. Also, I worked closely with internal marketing and sales staff to create media kits, promotional advertising, and the initial development and creation of Newport Mercury. My other main responsibilities included extensive digital prepress and digital image adjustment, outputting of film and development into press ready negatives, and trouble shooting and optimizing digital workflows within the prepress department.

Working closely with the editors and writers of several lifestyle magazines, I was the lead designer for the Sherman Publishing Co.’s line of glossy lifestyle magazines, which included over fifteen magazine issues a year. Article layouts included balancing between in-house generated graphics, supplied photographs and editorial text. Attention was given to creating visually engaging layouts that made the best possible use of available graphics, images and refined text usage.

Additionally, I worked on establishing clear editorial styles including color palettes, department styles, optimal text usage, photographic treatments and cover design guidelines for text and image usage. I was also the resident “photoshop guy” responsible for all critical color photography adjustment, color management, high resolution scanning and image retouching and manipulation. Additionally, I worked on the design and layout of hundreds of full color advertisements in our glossy magazines, both for paid advertisers as well as internal marketing campaigns.

My responsibilities for the newsprint division included implementing processes to automate the production of thousands of camera ready PDF files that were received for publishing every month. I worked with IT staff to incorporate Enfocus Pitstop software products for automated preflighting and conversion of thousands of files monthly, resulting in fewer misprinted ads and increased advertiser satisfaction. I also would extensively troubleshoot and manually correct PDF advertisements on time critical printed publications where we could not wait for the client to resend the artwork. I also performed the same preflighting and correction process on hundreds of advertisements for glossy magazines as well.

On average, I designed 100-250 advertisements a month that could range from a small two column by two inch ad, to full page, full color SAU sized newsprint advertisements. In addition to this, I also worked with internal Daily News marketing staff to create subscription campaigns, directives to increase advertiser spend, and award winning house ads.

Swansea, MA, USA | Feb 2002 – Nov 2004

PDQ Design Print Mail | Design and Digital Prepress

Responsible for the design and preflight of various print projects including business cards, catalogs, newsletters and brochures. Prepress production including advanced use of EPS and PDF manipulation for color separating and preparing any file type to be press ready and optimized for offset printing.

Bristol, RI, USA | Sep 2001 – Jan 2002

East Bay Newspapers | Design and Digital Prepress

Responsibilities included classified pagination, advertising design, editorial layout and digital prepress.

Providence, RI, USA | Jan 2000 – Sep 2001

Gibbs College | Visual Communications

Completed intensive studies on visual communications, photography, typography, digital prepress, web development, multimedia video production and art history/theory.

I’m currently engaged with creative art direction across print, web, video and mobile devices. I pride myself on an artistic style and vision that is adaptable to a variety of clients, environments and media. I’ve had the experience of seeing multifaceted projects from concept to completion. These typically involve creating a visual brand identity, and applying that to print media such as business cards, letterhead, brochures, catalogs and magazines; video media for both online and television distribution; online media such as websites, landing pages, microsites, HTML newsletters and online applications; mobile components such as smartphone optimized websites and applications; and advertising media such as display, POP and large format applications.

I’ve worked through the evolution of today’s digital design tools, which for years mainly consisted of Photoshop, Quark and Illustrator providing the backbone for the entire print world. In the past decade years, Adobe’s Creative Cloud platform of design, web and multimedia software has redefined standards for print and online media design and production. At the same time increased broadband internet and widely available 4G wireless have increased the complexity, and potential returns, from digital advertising and design opportunities.

Constant growth as a designer with today’s software is critical to create across today’s wide range of media including print, web, tablets, and mobile devices. My growing list of software proficiency includes: Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 with heavy use of Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Audition, Bridge, Device Central, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Media Encoder. Other frequently used programs include Enfocus Pitstop, various web and desktop job tracking // task management apps, Microsoft Office products including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.

Front end web coding abilities to go from PSD to “tableless” HTML and CSS websites with basic scripting and cross browser compliance. Experience with content management systems including Joomla, CMSms and WordPress. Experience with HTML eNewsletter design, coding and testing. Browser knowledge and support runs through Firefox, Safari, IE, Chrome, Opera, and various mobile web browsers.

I also have developed adept proficiency in HD video shooting & editing and post production software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Presenter, After Effects, Soundbooth and ProTools. I have created business promo videos, short documentaries, music videos and more. I have been the director of photography for multiple short films and one feature length film.

Advanced use of desktop operating systems include all modern Windows and Mac OS versions, allowing to troubleshoot and maintain computer software, networking and hardware. Familiarity with Lunix / CentOS.